Community Cosmetics is looking for a Skin Care Chemistry Researcher/Writer to research scientific studies about various personal care ingredients and write articles and reports about the chemistry of skin care.

In this fascinating and rewarding part time position, you will be researching all kinds of different ingredients and chemicals that are used in personal care products and cosmetics. Using your exceptional research skills, you will consult medical journals, read and interpret scientific studies, and perform comprehensive online research to determine the benefits and risks of various ingredients and ingredient combinations. Leveraging your understanding of applied chemistry, you will investigate the behavior of chemical ingredients on the molecular level and compose research documents that describe in detail how the unique chemical properties of each ingredient interact with the skin, hair, and nails. With your outstanding writing skills, you will author articles that communicate in layman’s terms how different ingredients affect the body and what hard science is backing various claims of benefits and side effects.

This role is the perfect part time job for a student pursuing an advanced degree in the medical or natural sciences fields. This is a work from home position with twice monthly in-person meetings to review work and discuss new article ideas.


  1. Read medical journals, scientific studies, and other academic and private research materials about the interactions of various natural and synthetic personal care ingredients with the body.
  2. Use understanding of chemistry and biology to interpret scientific studies and fully understand how different ingredients work on the molecular level and what affects these ingredients have on the body.
  3. Interview industry experts, scientists, researchers, and academics about their opinions of various types of personal care ingredients and combinations.
  4. Write articles about the chemistry of skin care. Explore and debunk common skin care myths, explain how beneficial ingredients function at the molecular level, and investigate and report on the risks and dangers of various synthetic and natural ingredients.
  5. Write engaging and interesting articles and papers that take the hard chemistry and medical research data and break it down into easy to understand content that is fun to read by the average consumer.


  1. College degree in Chemistry, Biology, or other natural science.
  2. Exceptional oral and written communication skills.
  3. Strong grasp of chemistry and biological sciences
  4. Passionate about personal care products
  5. Comfortable interviewing and asking questions of experts in the fields of chemistry, biology, dermatology, and cosmetology.
  6. Organized, detail oriented, and meticulous.
  7. Upbeat and energetic attitude

To apply, please submit your resume, a brief cover letter explaining why you are a good fit for this position, and your hourly rate to