Are there age requirements?

Yes, you must be over the age of 18.

Are you accepting applicants from all over the world?

Due to the nature of our feedback loop and rapid development schedule, right now Co-Creators are limited to applicants in the US.  We look forward to expanding Co-Creators outside the continental US as we grow, so stay tuned!

Why aren't there any products for sale on the website?

We've been keeping a low profile, and are just now launching our Co-Creator program. We won't release new products for sale until they have been vetted by our community. Over time our store will grow, and you will have been a part of it!

How often will I receive products?

Our development schedule releases products for you to review approximately twice per month.

How do I keep receiving new products?

Keep contributing insightful feedback within the feedback timeframe.

How will I provide feedback?

Initially we'll collect feedback through surveys, and disseminate the data.  In Q2 we'll roll out our Community portal where you will collaborate with other Co-Creators.

When is my feedback due?

14 days from when we mail out packages.

What happens if I don’t provide my feedback on time?

Due to our rapid protoyping process and popularity of the program, we need our Co-Creators to provide feedback on a timely basis or we will no longer be able to send you free products, and we will replace your slot with someone else.

Can I get kicked out of the program?

The primary reasons for having your participation revoked include: Unsportsmanlike behavior towards other members of the Co-Creator community, or a lack of detailed and insightful product feedback delivered in a timely manner.

What if I don't like your products or the program?

We're looking to build a community of personal care enthusiasts who are genuinely passionate about our products, and want to be part of the creative process to help make them amazing.  But we don't expect everyone who initially wishes to participate in the program to love our products or our approach.  If it looks like we're not a fit for one another, we'll be adults about it and part ways as friends, no hard feelings.

What if I need to quit?

Just send us a message at

Can I blog/vlog about the products as part of this program, before they're released?

Yes.  We just ask that you use common sense and remain professional.

Will I be able to communicate with other Co-Creators?

Yes, stay tuned for our private Community portal.

How long will the Co-Creator program last?

For the foreseeable future.

Do I get paid or receive any compensation for my feedback?

No, you receive products from us for free in exchange for your feedback.  Active Co-Creators will receive special discounts on products released for sale as another way of saying thank you for your valuable input.  As we grow, passionate members may join our affiliate program, and possibly extended job opportunities to join our company.

Will you sell my information?

No, selling your information is not our business model.  Building trust through collaboration with our Co-Creators to develop new products is our business model.

When will I be notified if accepted?

As soon as we can review your application!

I got accepted! Now what?

We'll send you a short legal form to complete. Once received, we'll notify you on when you can expect to receive your first shipment.